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Statutory Supplies

Navigational, operational, technical and managerial functioning of the ships involve a host of information and communication between the stakeholders internally and externally regarding the safety of life, property, and environment and the cargo carriage. Digital logbooks are at its nascent stage and warrants paper-based systems to be maintained. Absence of which could land the ship in trouble and even get detained, leading to huge financial setback. Hence, comprehensive planning and coordination to supply logbooks and associated stationery required to fulfil statutory obligations becomes an important task on the ship managers’ desk. We relieve them of this burden by coordinating with their ships for the annual requirement, consumption and keep the buffer stock of required quantity for shipment to the next convenient port well in time for seamless connection. With over 99.99% on-time delivery, we take pride in being their reliable supply chain partner. With our optimised processes and well-tuned suppliers, we can now churn out more volumes in a shorter cycle time.